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Hollrock’s Unique

Golf Range Target Net


This five-foot diameter golf target net stands alone, is light weight, will not fly away in wind and is easy to move. This net is built rugged and is designed to withstand regular driving range use. The Hollrock Driving Range Target Net is a wonderful teaching tool. It is a highly visible, result-rewarding target for both the student and the instructor. Now available in three different colored centers: bright white, neon yellow & neon orange.

  • 5 ft. diameter
  • Rugged design
  • Powder coated steel frame
  • Easily transportable

Golf Target Net: $395.00 each (ONLY TWO LEFT!)

(TN01WH) – Black net, white center

(TN01OR) – Black net, neon orange center

(TN01YE) – Black net, neon yellow center


Nets Only:

(TNR02WH) – Replacement net white  –  $80.00

(TNR02OR) – Replacement net orange  –  $80.00

(TNR02YE) – Replacement net yellow  –  $80.00


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“This highly visible, 5 foot diameter net is a result-rewarding target and already a proven revenue builder.”


Available in three different colored centers!



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